Need a Specialist for Children’s Root Canal?

*Baby tooth root canals are somtimes needed in pediatric dentistry but minimal instances do occur where it is necessary in adolescents.

With years of experience specializing in pediatrics, Dr. Mancini can be trusted to perform your child’s baby tooth root canal in Hudson, WI.  Root canal therapy (RCT) and endodontics are the terms that describe the procedure that treats the nerve of the tooth for adult teeth. Endodontics is a specialty of dentistry that deals specifically with the tooth pulp (substance in the center of a tooth that consists of nerve, blood vessels & connective tissue) and tissues surrounding the root of the tooth. Root canal therapy can save the root and crown of the tooth in order to maintain its proper spacing and function in the mouth. RCT is the removal of the nerve and blood vessels from the canals within the tooth, and replacing them with a biocompatible sealer and rubber material called gutta percha. Although the tooth is no longer viable (alive), it still functions in the mastication (chewing) of food just like a live (viable) tooth.

Root canalled teeth will likely need a crown to protect the tooth from fracturing in the future. The full coverage crown can consist of either a full metal crown, partial metal or all-ceramic (no metal) crown.

Root Canal Success Rates

Root canals have a good success rate of approximately 85-90%.

La Petite Dentistry Experienced in Baby Teeth Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Mancini has had many years experience in treating patients with baby teeth root canal therapy and has had tremendous success rates with this procedure. La Petite would be happy to discuss your options and what would fit best for your situation.

The Painful Myth

The practice of root canal therapy or treatment is not to cause pain, but to relieve it. The perception of root canals being painful began decades ago. With new technologies and anesthetics, treatments today have been compared to that of a filling or crown. Most patients who visit a dentist or endodontist do so because they are seeking a relief from the toothache. Root canals are designed to alleviate this toothache!