About Children’s Nutrition

As a parent teaching your child to make healthy food choices is invaluable to their overall health. Proper nutrition plays a vital role in your child’s teeth development. A well-balanced diet provides your child with strong teeth, gums and an overall healthy smile. So what does a well-balanced diet for your child look like? According to My Plate, an agency linked with the USDA, a child’s diet should include the following:

  • Fruits & Vegetables – ½ of their daily intake
  • Grains – ½ of them being whole grains (brown rice, oatmeal, etc.)
  • Lean proteins – vary this throughout the week and try to get 8 oz of seafood if possible
  • Dairy – low-fat options

Children need the calcium and vitamin D found in milk for strong healthy bones and teeth. If your child has a lactose allergy try to obtain lactose-free or soy products.

When purchasing canned produce try to buy ones in 100% juice or water to decrease the amount of refined sugars. Sugary substances adhere to your child’s teeth and can lead to cavities and tooth decay.  Try to make candy and sweet treats something for special occasions. Also, when giving sweets it is best not to serve them as snacks and instead following a meal. Your child’s mouth has more saliva flowing after eating a meal and can wash away the sugars better during this time. Once your child does indulge rinse their mouths with water and always remember to brush and floss.

Children love their snacks, and we don’t blame them! Keep snacking to a few times throughout the day and offer them healthy choices. Some healthy options that are also beneficial to your child’s teeth are cheese, yogurt, apples and carrots. We have plenty of options for healthy foods in Hudson, WI so finding snacks of these sorts should not be an issue. The more you introduce healthy eating habits for yourself and your family the more your child will gravitate towards healthy choices on their own.