Children’s Mouthguards

Are you nervous your child may damage their teeth due to playing sports? Thinking of getting your child a mouthguard? If answered yes, you’ve come to the right place! La Petite Dentistry provides active children with mouthguards in Hudson, WI. Mouthguards are a preventative measure to ensure your child’s teeth are protected from trauma during sports.

Custom Mouthguards in Hudson

As a parent you may be thinking “we tried one and my child never wore it”. Most children have tried a store bought mouthguard. While these are still okay they tend to not fit a child’s mouth well and be very uncomfortable. Playing a two hour soccer match, we can’t blame them for eventually taking it out! At La Petite Dentistry we will create a custom fitting mouthguard for your child. The mouthguard will be smooth, pliable, comfortable and easy to take in and out of the mouth. Being custom fit will also better protect their mouth than over-the-counter options.

Prevention is the key in dental health. Providing a custom fit mouthguard for your child will help protect their teeth from trauma and your wallet!