La Petite Dentistry performs fluoride treatments in Hudson, WI to help protect children’s teeth from cavities and tooth decay. Fluoride is critical during the time of primary and permanent teeth development. This is usually between the ages of six months to 18 years old. But first…

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in much of our water and food. Fluoride protects the enamel of our teeth. The enamel of our teeth lose and gain minerals every day. We lose minerals due to acids attacking the tooth’s enamel, this is from sugary substances and plaque. We gain minerals such as calcium and phosphate from our food, water and saliva. When calcium and phosphate are striped it leaves the teeth more vulnerable to decay. While we are young, we tend to not have enough fluoride to protect our enamel from our food and water. During the infant to young adult stages we perform fluoride treatments typically every six months. This is adjusted on an individual basis. Fluoride over time makes our teeth more resistant to attacks on our enamel and can even reverse early tooth decay.

Your Child’s Fluoride Treatment Visit

Dr. Mancini and La Petite Dentistry will let you know when and how often your child will need fluoride treatments. Fluoride can be applied as a varnish, foam or gel and comes in a variety of flavors to help make it fun for your child. Treatment is very quick.

*The ADA recognizes the use of fluoride as safe and effective in preventing tooth decay for both children and adults.
*Don’t want/like fluoride? We have alternatives for that too!! Call us at 855-LAPETITE (855-527-3848)