What to do for a knocked out tooth in Hudson, WI

Step 1: Find the tooth if possible (if an adult tooth), making sure to handle it by the crown and NOT the root.  If you are unsure about which part is which, please see the illustration below.

Anatomy of a tooth

Step 2: Rinse the tooth off with water only. DO NOT clean or scrub the tooth at will any kind of soap or cleaning solution.

Step 3: Inspect the adult tooth for any kind of breaks or fractures. If the tooth looks to be in good shape, you can carefully re-position the tooth back into your child’s socket immediately. The less time the tooth spends out of the mouth or out in the open, the greater the odds the tooth will survive. Once positioned into place have your child gently bite down on a clean cloth or gauze pad or hold it in place with your fingers.

Alternatively: If you are unsure about placing the tooth back into the socket, or worried about the tooth being cracked, you can try to preserve the tooth by placing it between the cheek and gums or in an emergency tooth preservation kit (such as a Save-a-Tooth®). Below are the recommended methods for preserving a tooth outside of the mouth:

  • Emergency Tooth Preservation Kit
  • In milk ( in a little cup will do)
  • Do NOT use plain water as the root surface cells can die in plain water

Make sure to keep the tooth moist at all times and make an appointment with your dentist or endodontist immediately! –

Fractured and Broken Tooth

If you believe your child has fractured (cracked) or broken their tooth the first thing to do is remember to remain calm. The more calm you are as a parent the more calm they will be. Next contact La Petite Dentistry and get your child set up with an appointment to see Dr. Mancini as soon as possible.

Fractured Tooth

For a fractured tooth there is no home remedy so seeing your dentist is a must. Sometimes there isn’t a visual fracture. If your child complains of their tooth hurting when they eat or drink something hot and cold (temperature change) this is one warning sign.  Another is if they bite down on something the tooth does not hurt but when released is in pain.

Broken Tooth

As with a fractured and loss of permanent tooth you will want to get in to see your pediatric dentist as soon as possible. In the interim below is what should be done until your child’s appointment:

  • Rinse child’s mouth with water
  • Apply pressure on bleeding area for approximately 5-10 minutes
  • Apply a cold compress on outside of affected area (cheek or lips)
  • Give an over-the-counter children’s pain medication