Dr. Andy Mancini

Dr. Andy Mancini

Dr. Mancini is a US citizen that originally hailed from Italy and had the opportunity to live in several places around the US and the world.

Here in the US, he underwent several years of dental training at UNC -North Carolina, GPR in New Jersey, orthodontics fellowship at NYU, research at Harvard and ultimately his specialty residency in pediatric dentistry at The Children’s Hospital – Colorado.

A young at heart with great love for children; specializing in Pediatric Dentistry it was a lifetime fulfillment. He is an active member of several Dental and Pediatric associations, which continuously keeps him in tune with the latest trends, guidelines and highest standards of care.

Dr. Mancini has found Joy in his life, his beautiful wife keeps him always with a smile on his face and a bright shine in his eyes when talking or thinking about her. When he is not having fun at home or at La Petite Dentistry, he is enjoying some of his other favorite activities: Traveling, barbecue and cooking (especially Italian), Horseback riding, Fencing, Tae kwon Do and Rock Climbing. A curious note is that Dr.Mancini, once worked in a flower shop, and he still loves flowers and plants too : ) He is also trying to get his flexibility skills back into shape from taking yoga to Zumba classes.

Dr. Mancini is very engaged in community service as well, through outreach programs sponsored from his church and city.

A certain Bluegrass band had invited Dr. Mancini to join them and help with the vocals. He is not ready to go out on a tour just yet…

In the office you can see him doing magic tricks for the children, often singing the spider pig and elephant songs or even using his Ninja and Jedi powers, that’s right, he is also a Ninja AND a Jedi, how cool is that : )

Andy Mancni
Dr. Andy Mancini, DMD, MBA
Lead Pediatric Dentist in Hudson, WI
La Petite Dentistry